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February 23, 2017

Another sub-contractor that loves using clixifix® – Regal M&E

Regal was founded in 1989 by Roger Smith. The company has developed over the past 27 years to form a combined M&E services company.  As the business has grown it has gained a detailed knowledge and in depth understanding of multi residential developments, which are the core of the company’s business profile.

Working in conjunction with both main contractors, developers and end of use clients, Regal’s design and installation teams provide a tailored service that is bespoke to each and every project and client alike.

After using the clixifix® customer care platform for 2 years, we spoke with Theresa at Regal to see what it is they like about clixifix® and why they continue to use it.


Did you have initial reservations about using clixifix® and if so, what were they?

 I can’t even remember what we did before clixifix®.  Of course when a new system comes, we were a bit put out but I think any change is like that. We adapted quick and it’s easy to use so didn’t take long to get up and running. I think we were just emailing out jobs and following up by email or call.


What was your actual experience of using clixifix®?

I didn’t need clixifix® training when I started working here, I was made aware of the system when I started and shadowed someone else using clixifix® and picked it up no problem. Now use it for digital signatures, to book the appointments, to leave comments / notes against jobs, messaging between us and the client (Galliford Try). Very easy to use, much easier to get updates and keeps everything nicely together in the same place.


What were you using / what was your process of managing jobs before clixifix®?

There is only me managing jobs but we do have a couple of other people who can access clixifix® for cover and our Director is really good on the system and will leave notes on there. Historically, we would have had to email to chase up work or call the contractors.  clixifix® has been in use here since I started and keeps everything in one place, much easier than trying to keep up with different messages all coming through email in different formats sometimes with key people missed out meaning the whole process takes longer.  clixifix® loop in all who need the updates meaning everyone is informed. Everyone can see what has happened really easily without having to hunt through to link all messages together.


How has clixifix® helped your team and how does it help to protect you (and the business)?

It shows everyone involved that we’re doing something, I’ll look at the list of jobs every day, check for recent updates and any jobs in need of an update.  Always leave comments to show progress which covers my back, it’s much easier than the other jobs we get through on email as it saves sending loads of emails back and forward.  clixifix® keeps everything in one place. The digital signatures add an official note with a final sign off against our maintenance work and we can add any photos or reports on the jobs we have done to the ticket to back up our work.


Anything else you would like to feed back?

Just that the system is very easy to use and quick to update.

Theresa Turnbull

Customer Care and Maintenance

Regal Mechanical and Electrical Services Limited

Head Office:
2430 Regents Court

The Crescent

Birmingham Business Park

B37 7YE