Technology.Linked.Customer Care

Occupant Information Included

Unsure of the project or property access details?

  • Add all relevant occupant’s details to a ticket. 
  • This information can then be made available to contractors so they know exactly who they’re dealing with, where they’re going what they’re doing.
  • This enables deeper and clearer communication between all stakeholders and allows for full transparency when communicating build timescales, repair framework and inspections.  
  • Allowing occupants access to the communication portal significantly reduces the likelihood of complaints being registered and encourages relationship building throughout the building process.

no nasty surprises with costs

Paying for defects that are not your responsibility?

  • Agree the costs of a defect or repair openly and up-front to avoid any unexpected charges for a repair after the job’s been completed. 
  • All chargeable repair details can be added to a ticket or inspection list so that the parties involved can openly discuss and agree costs. 
  • Increased transparency with regards to the costs of repairs will lead to better relationships with your contractors and the increases in efficiency saves time and effort usually spent negotiating over email.
  • Trust us, this feature will save you money.

all-in-One cross sector Dashboard

Can't see the 'full' picture?

  • See the statuses of your schemes & projects in one handy location. From what's been done & what's new, to what's overdue & needs urgent attention. 
  • It’s an easy to digest snapshot of tasks that are either overdue or within the agreed the timescales so you can prioritise tasks easily & organise your workday in an efficient manner.
  • Our traffic light display allows for effortless planning of tasks & activities on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis; giving your operatives a clear indication of what is expected of them & what needs to be achieved in order to meet your customer satisfaction objectives.

Enhance your reputation

The 'best' contractors understand the power of referrals!

  • For many Housebuilders and Principal Contractors working in Partnership with a Registered Provider on affordable new homes and projects can be a daunting prospect. 
  • Our collaborative web application encourages transparency between the Principal Contractor and the Registered Provider (Housing Association) when it comes to managing the defects and repairs and allows all parties to see the status of reported issues.
  • We feel that we’ve developed a tool that makes the everyday tasks of aftercare simple and streamlined, freeing up more time for your team to go the extra mile and provide a truly outstanding customer experience for your clients.