Technology.Linked.Customer Care

Transparent Communication

Just having satisfied customers is no longer good enough!

  • Using the clixifix® homeowner portal, residents can clearly see that the principal contractor has acknowledged their reported issues and that a contractor has been nominated to respond. 
  • Our intuitive ticketing system allows residents to clearly see when a repair will be carried out and by who; eliminating those “he said / she said” issues that frequently occur.
  • Ensuring that your team is managing and meeting your customer's expectations effectively has a significant impact on customer satisfaction and retention and increases the likelihood that your customers will recommend your business to friends or family.

Digital Property Documentation

How do you show your customer you care?

  • In the clixifix® property portal, users can access all relevant property documents. It’s an easy reference to everything from appliance operation manuals through to snagging best practice. 
  • The portal also allows principal contractors to provide ‘How to…’ videos for new homeowners with maintenance tasks, reducing the number of reported defects and time spent on repairs.  
  • Issuing handover packs in a digital format also allows your occupants to easily refer back to them should an issue with an appliance or defect present itself.

100% Web-based

How can you make it easier for the client to communicate?

  • Access your communication portal on any device with an internet connection and a web browser. 
  • Never again will you take the day off work only for a contractor to fail to show up. It also means homeowners can communicate with your customer care team at a time that’s convenient for the.  
  • Any smartphone or tablet with an internet connection is compatible with clixifix® so you'll never miss an appointment again.

Handover Collateral 

Customer experience, so what?

  • New home buyers and clients are rarely familiar with new home maintenance.  This represents probably the biggest investment of their life so it makes sense to teach homeowners how to look after their investment.
  • By creating a resource that covers some of the basics of home maintenance, you’re allowing your homeowners and residents to learn at their own pace. 
  • This should also reduce the number of defects reported that aren’t actual defects, but maintenance issues and their responsibility.