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Nominate Contractors & Operatives

How much time is wasted on aftercare admin?

  • Nominate the original sub-contractor on clixifix® to do the work or instruct an alternative contractor. Create a unique and clear instruction for every job.  
  • Responding to an email notification from clixifix® from your inbox automatically posts the response to the respective nomination.  
  • In just three steps, select the relevant contractor or operative, assign a task and see if it’s been accepted in real-time along with any associated, task-specific comments that have been added either by you or your nominated Operative.

Defects with accurate detail

Missing accurate defect data & access details?

  • Organise and synchronise your workload. All comments about a defect or repair from your team, your clients and your contractors are neatly attached to that ticket or inspection list in clixifix®. 
  • Say goodbye to multiple email threads because everything in clixifix® is date stamped and signed. 
  • clixifix® allows you to upload photos and videos to tickets and inspection lists allowing for more efficient defect categorisation and reduced confusion for all involved.

Powerful metrics 

Are you resolving reported issues on agreed timescales?

  • Create detailed custom reports with data and insights for your business. 
  • Discover recurring defects across multiple plots, or if a particular sub-contractor generates more defects than normal. Chart your progress against KPIs to ensure continuous improvement in service delivery. 
  • Drill down to create a report for any scheme, plot, contractor or client before exporting as a PDF or Excel doc.

Simple image annotation Tools

Lack of photographic evidence with defects & issues?

  • You can markup your photos to further describe snags, defects and other site issues.  
  • Subcontractors and Project / Site managers are notified when new inspection list items are nominated or existing inspections are still outstanding. 
  • Keep your whole team up to date with the progress on each Inspection List.
  • Store all Inspection list data on clixifix® with a fully backed, resilient, hosted server environment.

Customer Journey Mapping

Is all client & customer engagement reactive & unplanned?

  • Create bespoke milestones and the stages within them
  • Manage timescales by capturing milestone deadlines
  • Upload photo/document evidence
  • Book appointments with the wider team
  • Add participants to each stage to ensure everyone is around the table
  • Produce powerful reports to track performance
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Configurable Forms

Still using pen & paper? 

  • Whether it be a customer questionnaire, home demonstration or data capture form, our configurable forms feature is equipped to create bespoke documents to suit your business perfectly
  • Ready made components for easy document creation
  • Ability to capture digital signatures on ALL forms
  • Reactive multiple-choice options
  • Automated creation of inspection lists & meter readings
  • Exportable to PDF and continually stored against the plot & project.