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Ballymore are an international property development company with a reputation for innovative projects that push boundaries and energise cities. Juliet Self, Head of Customer Experience


Ballymore's scale is that of a heavyweight developer, but they retain the integrity of a family business. They believe in building developments that improve, enrich and enhance people’s lives, and they have proved time and time again that it’s smart business sense to do so.

They don’t work with off-the-shelf design, but create an entirely new vision for every project, designed down to every detail, drawing on the character and history of the neighbourhood in which it is found. This vision is then transformed, without compromise, into reality.

It’s a process that Ballymore lead from conception of a scheme right through to delivery of the project by way of Ballymore’s dedicated, expert in-house teams.   They remain fully committed to their buildings, through their estate management teams, long after the last unit has been sold.

 By maintaining creative and practical control of their sites, Ballymore aim to produce projects that not only break records but set new standards in placemaking, construction, design and urban planning.

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