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Drew Smith Group

Southampton-based Drew Smith Group, part of the Galliford Try Group, is a diverse Construction, and Development business. Operating for over 25 years they have grown to become a leader in The South’s Construction and Development sectors Becci Lockyer, Customer Care


The business has a strong reputation for delivering on promises and being innovative and dynamic in our approach. Through a customer led approach they carry out various forms of Mixed Use / Mixed Tenure Development, Bespoke Private Commissions, Land promotion, planning and Support Services. 

Alongside this is their New Homes development business, recognised as a provider of luxury homes and having an enviable reputation for the quality of our developments.

Drew Smith Limited is part of the Southampton-based Drew Smith Group, part of the Galliford Try Group, one of the South’s leading Development, Homes and Construction businesses. From their offices in Southampton they provide a wide range of construction services across a variety of sectors.

The Group is proud of the relationships we have built with a variety of customers; including various Registered Providers, Local Authorities, Health Care Organisations and Private Clients. 

These long term relationships, particularly in the Housing sector, have led us to become a key part of those organisations business. 

To achieve this they have built a team that is focussed and dedicated to meeting and exceeding all their customer’s needs.

The Group remains ambitious and committed to sustainable growth, to the continual development of its services and being at the forefront of the South’s construction and development sector. 

Not only for their customers but for the essential part we play in their wider community.

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