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Earlswood Homes

Earlswood Homes are an award winning privately owned property development company specialising in the construction of sustainable, high-quality bespoke residential dwellings throughout London and the South East. James Chase, Director.


Established in 2006, Earlswood Homes have grown from strength to strength and are looking at doubling their build volumes over the next 12 months. They have quickly positioned themselves in the industry as a forward-thinking developer, focusing on delivering high quality homes in desirable locations. 

Specialising in the construction of sustainable, high-quality, bespoke residential dwellings throughout London and the South East; they build a range of individually designed homes - from stylish apartments, to traditional two and three storey Executive homes. 

Earlswood Homes is a bespoke developer; they do not have a package of standard house-types, but instead we choose to take the longer and more thorough route to delivery, whereby they design to suit the location and buyer profiles. 

The end result is a superior collection of properties that include: innovative technologies, their own unique design stamp and eco features wherever possible.

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