LNT Construction

Every last detail of construction takes into account what our ageing population expects Emily Marsh, Group Buyer


The LNT Group is a fast growing group of companies owned by serial entrepreneur, Lawrence Tomlinson. Based in Yorkshire, the LNT Group encompasses businesses across a range of diverse sectors employing over 1,000 people. Despite their size, they’ve kept that friendly, family-business feel.

LNT Construction adhere to 3 core principles; quality, value, and innovation.  This is demonstrated not only in their developments, but in the way they look after their customers too.  We’re delighted that LNT see clixifix® as a beneficial tool in delivering on the aforementioned principles as they are worthy philosophies that we strive to meet as well.

With 15 developments already complete, 10 currently under construction and a further 14 coming soon, LNT have established themselves as market leaders in the development aged care communities.

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