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Magma & Co

Our model has provided great returns to investors who have trusted us for over 50 years. Demian Monroy, Director General


MAGMA & CO is a real estate investment firm based in Guadalajara, Mexico. With 50 years of experience, Magma & Co has been guided by values of innovation, integrity and trust.

Magma & Co specialise in developing real estate products for investors who recognize the quality of their properties. Through professional and honest management, they generate attractive returns to our investors.

A vertically integrated firm that is fully committed to researching, acquiring, developing, selling and/or managing the best properties, Magma & Co have established themselves as market leaders in Mexico’s Building and Construction industry. Known for an outstanding team of professionals, they have built a profitable model that seeks to satisfy their clients´ and investors´ needs.

Magma have developed a set of core values that drive their business forward.  Having created a clear vision of who they want to be, Magma & Co continue their journey to success by adhering to the following;


Innovation, integrity and trust

To contribute to the personal and professional development of all people we come in contact with.

To be a national benchmark with and international division and IPO potential.

Magma & Co demonstrate their commitment to their clients by adhering to self-imposed guarantees that ensure a successful development and a list of happy customers. 

1. Customer Service: Magma & Co are among the only developers who have a positive Net Promoter Score (NPS). Any suggestion or complaint by any condominium owner / customer will be served within 48 hours.

2. On-time Delivery: Magma guarantee timely delivery of their condominiums. They allow a grace period of 90 days, however after that period, they are committed to give monthly compensation in case of delay equivalent to 0.5% of the total amount paid to date. This guarantee is provided in writing to all customers

3. They care about your investment: Magma & Co guarantee the proper functioning of development. They take charge of the administration for at least 12 months to complete a proper transition process.

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