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We now manage defects more effectively and efficiently as a team as it’s so much more transparent and easy... Ashleigh Coombes, Admin & Customer Services Manager


1. What was the problem you were experiencing prior to implementing clixifix?

We managed defects via a very large spreadsheet.  It was becoming that large that the when we opened it our computers slowed down.  It was difficult to be able to see who had added what information when as there was no easy audit trail.

Weekly performance / trend reports would take a day to produce due to having to clean data and manually analyse.  There was duplication of task for every job issued as it had to be added onto a spreadsheet, a manual job ticket created, and then e-mailed out to the contractor.

2. How much more efficient would you say your defect management process now that you are using clixifix?

So much more efficient.  We now manage all defects via the one application, clixifix.  We do encourage contractors to only use clixifix to communicate and this is becoming better.  However there are a few who still communicate via e-mail only.  The more and more providers who sign up to Clixifix is helping with this also.

We now manage defects more effectively and efficiently as a team as it’s so much more transparent and easy to including site members, contract managers and clients in resolving issues.

3. What would you say your top 3 features are?

It’s hard to choose just 3 but….

-   Quick reporting and being able to export the information into excel easily     to cut and slice the way you need it.

-   Clear storing of information relating to the plot – documents, handover         dates, snagging sheets etc.  We refer to these documents daily.

-   Audit trail against each job – When an issue does occur there is a clear           auditable history against each job which helps easily resolve any                       discrepancies.

4. How much time do you save per week and/or month on compiling reporting for your superiors/peers/clients now that you have the reporting suite on clixifix?

We save approximately a day a week.

5. How are you utilising the additional time that clixifix has freed up across the customer care team at Tolent?

The additional time allows Tolent to provide a better service to customers.  It allows the team to spend more time discussing and diagnosing potential defects with customers but also identifying the root cause of issues and putting measures in place to stop them occurring again.

6. How has the information available through the reporting suite on contractor performance and defect trends analysis supported your business?

I use the reporting facility daily to create reports.  Whether this is to check in on performance of developments or analyse issues in more depth.  The reporting facility allows me within seconds to view / analyse information in the format I require and drill down quickly and easily to further examine issues.

7.  What was your experience of the implementation of clixifix for you and your team?

It was really easy and quick.  It’s so easy to use and find your way around. 

8. On a scale of 1-10, how likely would you be to recommend clixifix to another house builder?

We encouraged Gentoo Homes to use the system and they have now taken this up. We are now demoing it to the other divisions within Tolent with a view to them using it on their developments to.

Ashleigh Coombes

Admin & Customer Services Manager

Tolent Living

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