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Customer Success Workshops & 'Getting started'

clixifix® is designed to be easy to use, however we do understand that some of our users prefer to have a level of 'hands on' support and training to roll-out the software to their team and external users.  

Whether its support on the product or your internal customer care approach, our experienced team will tailor a programme to suit your needs.

Our training and on-boarding sessions can cover the following ; 


Think strategy before technology: 

Ensure that your team embrace your new approach. The value of good communication with all stakeholders on aftercare. 

Efficiencies delivered across the group, saving time and effort for all.


Introducing clixifix® to your subcontractors:  

Manage their expectations and explore the subcontractor Charter. Outline the numerous benefits for the sub-contractors using clixifix® instead of previous outdated and labour intensive approaches (mobile phones, excel, over reliance on email).



Measure what matters

What do Defect and Repair KPI's measure and how to analyse these? Reports; overview of our powerful reporting suite.



The impact and benefits to your team, subcontractors and importantly your clients. Customer care -Inbox zero -One version of the truth. 

(Stop offline Customer Care conversations). Importance of a clear audit trail.


Key Performance Indicators: 

Guidelines on typical Respond and Repairs times to assist with KPI's. 

Help with on-boarding of data and descriptions of Projects and Defects and Repairs.

Your Knowledge hub: 

clixifix® for your Clients and Homeowners. Creating an outstanding customer experience involves exceeding customer expectations.

What to upload?

Training can be held on location at your convenience at one of our training facilities or through webinars and e-learning sessions. 

Course documentation will be provided via our support portal. 

A maximum of 12 attendees may be booked into each session.