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Find out more about the clixifix® platform, watch some of our top tips on customer care best practice and learn why these profiled clients use clixifix® to manage their customer care processes & procedures.



Do you find that your Customer Care team are struggling to manage and assign defects and repairs within your Key Performance time frame? Improve your Handover and After care efficiency and boost your team's productivity.


Bad Habits of Bad Customer Care Teams.

The root cause of most complaints from homeowners is that what they expected was not what they received. As with anything, if the product someone bought “off the shelf” looks nothing like what they ended up with, consumers will want answers...


Why clixifix®?

Do you find that your Customer Care team are struggling to manage and assign defects and repairs within your Key Performance time frame?  Are you hindered by sub-contractors who aren't reachable by phone?  Are you managing and recording your Customer Care issues in a Spreadsheet?  You're not alone! 


Customer Stories : Gentoo Homes.

Gentoo Homes have over 15 years’ experience and expertise in property related activity ranging from regeneration and modernisation to new build schemes. 


Managing Expectations of New Homeowners.

A comprehensive guide to assist your handovers and handover collateral. This guide will help your residents and homeowners describe clearly any repair problems in their property that you are responsible for.


clixifix® - Benefits to the Contractors.

Key benefits for our sub-contractors using clixifix® are: No Software to download and install, its free of charge to all invited sub-contractors. clixifix® can be accessed on any computer with Internet access.


clixifix® and your clients.

In a world that’s gone mobile where the consumer has limitless boundaries, can connect from anywhere at any time and interact on their own time frame, maybe its time to start looking at how we are communicating with them on their defects and repairs.


What Should You Measure?

Make sure your team is clear on priorities in order to advise the resident when a contractor is likely to attend. It is unrealistic to expect your customers to know when repairs are likely to happen


Engaging your Operatives.

Through the clixifix® portal, your operatives are able to accept repair nominations and schedule them accordingly to ensure that nominations and tasks are completed within the agreed timescales.


Escape Excel Hell!

One vital factor to consider during the construction process is how you are going to manage defects effectively & efficiently. Whilst there are a number of ways you can achieve this, it is crucial that the solution has collaboration as its core value...


Impact Of Social Media.

In this resource, we’ll take a look at how to handle a customer care crisis and provide some suggestions on how to tackle complaints in a way that reflects well on your construction company.


Customer Stories : Story Homes.

Founded in 1987 by current CEO Fred Story, Story Homes is a housing developer with schemes in Cumbria, North West and North East England and southern Scotland. 


Engaging your Sub-Contractors.

clixifix® provides a collaborative platform to work together on defects and repairs, sharing documents, encouraging teamwork and creating efficiencies when dealing with defect and repairs.


The Customer Journey.

Putting yourself in the shoes of your customers and walking their journey may seem like an obvious thing for businesses to do, but how many actually do it?


Customer Stories : Tolent.

Tolent Construction Ltd is a subsidiary of Tolent Plc, a construction company that carries out a wide range of work in the public and private sector on a national basis from offices in Tyneside, Teesside, Yorkshire/Midlands and London.


Eliminating Friction For Homeowners.

In this video we explore some simple tips that will assist housebuilders and construction clients improve their customer care. A huge differentiator in our sector is the quality of customer service...


Quality Assurance in the Construction Sector.

Badly managed defects in new build properties cost many Construction companies hundreds of thousands in both materials and time...Continual process improvement is key to success and it is vital to apply that ethos to your future planning.


Excellence Wins!

We are far more connected to the outside world than ever before. With expectations at an all time high, it’s more important than ever to invest in your customer service strategy...


3 Steps to better Customer Care.

Whilst it is very difficult to eliminate all defects from the build process, especially if you build large volumes, you can implement measures to minimize the amount and prevalence.


What Do Good Customer Service Teams Do.

After significant data analysis from both new home buyers and builders, this guide has identified some key improvements to the handover process that will dramatically reduce reported defects and significantly increase customer satisfaction.


Importance of Defect Management.

In a very competitive market, it’s important to stand out from your peers. There are various ways of achieving this but ultimately, how your customers perceive you should be at the forefront of your business plan.