Profit-for-purpose housing association Trafford Housing Trust has described working with defect management software specialists, clixifix® as ‘exceptional’, and sees them as a long term solution to improving their communication. The Trust’s Customer Care Manager, Jo Spate, has praised clixifix® for their continuous support and their impact on their efficiency and time management.


“Using clixifix® has had a huge impact on our approach to communicating to customers and contractors and has improved our efficiency and visibility. 

Using a system like this has brought us in line with other developers and has given us clear and concise reports and analysis.”


Prior to using clixifix®, Trafford Housing Trust admits that the process of collating a history of customer complaint resolution took several hours. However, since using clixifix® sourcing information from past customers has become a lot easier and smoother. 


Jo continues:
“As we expand, clixifix® will become an integral part of how we will organise and communicate with our customers. Even though we haven’t fully utilised the reporting of contractor performance and defect trends analysis, we feel as we expand we will definitely use everything that clixifix® has to offer.”
The overarching response from the Trafford Housing Trust is that clixifix® has given them visibility to be able to monitor, respond and deliver for everyone involved.
The remote integration of clixifix® has been invaluable for the trust. They are always in direct communication with the trust and are constantly monitoring and flagging up issues and errors. 
Trafford Housing Trust is a profit-for-purpose housing association with the vision that everyone deserves a quality home, providing them with the opportunity to live a better life.

They build and manage quality homes but also look after the families that live in their community! Putting people first is the primary goal. That’s something that clixifix® can help with!



Along with their private construction arm, Laurus Homes, they create homes that all kinds of people love to live in, they believe they can help change communities for the better.

Laurus Homes has an ambitious commitment to build at least 2,000 new, high quality homes by 2020 across the North West and beyond.



Already, half these homes are planned to be delivered outside the Trafford Metropolitan Borough. 

As well as homes for private sale, nearly every development will include a mix of affordable homes including Shared Ownership and Help to Buy.