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July 11, 2017

Acorn Cardiff & clixifix®

We’re delighted to announce that Acorn Cardiff have joined the ever-growing clixifix user base!  After originally joining us via our free 30 day trial, Acorn have decided to demonstrate their commitment to Customer Care by engaging clixifix.  We look forward to working closely with them on their journey towards zero defect developments.

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Part of the Acorn Property Group, Acorn Cardiff operate in South Wales and along the Severn Estuary including Cheltenham and The Cotswolds.  Acorn Cardiff aim to develop 150 high value homes per year from 5 or 6 developments.  Limiting themselves to just a few schemes a year ensures the Acorn Cardiff team can maintain a high level of management time on all of the active projects.  Now in their 3rd year of trading in the region, Acorn Cardiff are on track to deliver 70 homes in 2017 increasing to 100 in 2018.

Acorn Cardiff has built a strong network of local architects, planning consultants and property professionals to ensure the best team can be assembled for each new scheme.  In addition, the Cardiff office has full access and support from the London Head Office team signifying a commitment to growing the business in Wales.  Acorn Cardiff’s philosophy of a bespoke approach to each project means that they produce well considered homes that are absolutely right for the location, topography and local market.

Interested in learning how clixifix® can help your business achieve its customer care goals?  Please feel free to visit our website here.  Our platform is available to Housebuilders on a no-obligation, free 30 day trial basis.  If you have any questions or would like to see the platform in action please feel free to contact our team on 01388 824 958 or submit a demo request via www.clixifix.com.

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