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February 17, 2017

Fairgrove Homes Customer Care powered by clixifix® customer care, simplified software – Case Study.


Fairgrove is a family home building business formed in 1995, by Steve & Christine Midgley and has grown into a regional developer of new homes building up to 50 new homes per year. As a locally run business, they have developed a small, dedicated team to ensure they all work to meet their customers’ varied requirements.

They lead by example, so you can be certain there is commitment from the top down to ensure your needs are met. Unlike larger companies, their Directors are actively involved in all aspects of the business and are keen to continually improve and learn from their customers.

The company’s aim has always been to produce a better product and service than their national and larger competitors and they believe that their recent customer satisfaction surveys have shown that their customers like what they offer.

In fact, recent surveys over 90% of their customers said they would recommend a Fairgrove Home to other buyers, and would buy from them again.

They have built new homes in many locations throughout the counties of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and East Staffordshire. They will shortly be commencing work on an exciting new scheme in South Yorkshire.

How has clixifix changed the way your team manage your Customer Care procedures at Fairgrove Homes?

clixifix accurately records and reminds us of outstanding remedials stating times reported.

What were you using to manage the communication and process prior to clixifix? 

We used a excel spreadsheet before clixifix.

Was there a particular issue (es) with this approach? 

Yes it did not flag up overdue issues and relied on us to remember to keep checking.

What are your favourite features with clixifix? 

My favourite feature is the easiness to record issues and the way you can flag them as urgent plus it automatically send an email saving me valuable time.

Would you recommend clixifix and why? 

Would definitely recommend clixifix due to all of the above plus professional pleasant and helpful staff at the clixifix Office.

Liz Hallam – Aftercare Team.

clixifix® is software for better Customer Care.

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