Harnessing user feedback to unlock more value

The construction industry constantly throws up challenges and obstacles for home builders, housing associations and commercial contractors. As a defect and repair resolution software company, clixifix® is positioned to improve communication, defect reporting and customer care, to ensure end users receive the best information about how defects and repairs are progressing.

To be able to understand specific challenges from people within the industry, clixifix® are conducting a number of industry-led focus groups to firstly inform their customers of developments and constant improvements, while also soaking up constructive feedback and applying technical developments based on the insight they receive from these forums.

Images from our Durham and Leeds focus groups.

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Challenges that were discussed with attendees included inspection list integration, defect implementation and sub-categorisation, data manipulation, weekly bespoke reporting, subcontractor communication, digitising defects and reporting capabilities.

These series of focus groups will allow clixifix® to build up a bank of knowledge and understanding on how to develop and react to the ever-changing industry.

The vision for clixifix® is to consistently conduct focus groups with their customers to understand the challenges of the industry, build the knowledge to react and combat technological issues and grow stronger relationships with customers across the country.

The main areas discussed in the focus group were:

– UX/UI (user experience and user interface)
– Complaints process
– Inspection list
– Technicians App

Insights into the challenges

The construction customer care industry can pose many challenges to the housing sector. Each house builder, housing association or commercial contractors that work with clixifix® experience different challenges that need to be addressed. A common theme that came through was how the customers benefit from direct face to face interaction with other customers and with clixifix® personnel themselves, including the CEO, James Farrell.

The key points discussed included:

Subcontractor engagement
User access & experience
Subject access requests
Defect management

The key points that were mentioned demonstrate an ongoing desire from their customers to collaborate with clixifix® with the aim to continually improve the software, while also an opportunity to share how much they value the system. Their desire to improve it is based on their awareness of the benefits it brings to their business and colleagues.


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