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November 17, 2020


All Saints Construction create aspirational builds in the residential and commercial sectors across the North East, Scotland and North Yorkshire. They apply the same high standards to everything they do, from acquisition and construction through to issues such as community and environmental impact. Starting from the initial design concept through to construction of the finished product, they aim to maximise value of the properties whilst introducing innovative architecture and high quality interior design.

clixifix® customer care software provides construction companies like All Saints with the tools to effectively manage all aftercare queries and defects through to resolution. This is achieved via one easy to use platform, that can be accessed by all stakeholders (house builder, subcontractor, homeowner), to enable true collaboration.

  1. What was the problem you were experiencing prior to implementing clixifix®?
    We found data was not getting captured properly or being lost in emails between various staff members.
  2. How much more efficient would you say your defect management process is now that you are using clixifix ®?
    Clixifix has hugely improved the defect management process in so many ways!
  3. What is the biggest benefit to you and the team at (company name) now that you are using clixifix ® to manage customer care?
    All the information is in the same place and easily accessible, no lost data and reporting made easy!
  4. How much time do you save per week and/or month on compiling reporting for your superiors/peers/clients now that you have the reporting suite on clixifix ®?
  5. How has the collaboration with your homeowners/residents/subbies/clients improved?
    Homeowners especially love the system because it’s so easy to use. They like to see the jobs on the system and responses all in one place rather than emailing/calling different staff members.
  6. How much time did you previously spend per day or week chasing Sub Contractors over the phone and how has this changed since using clixifix ®?
    So much time was spent chasing subcontractors and following up appointments, trying to collate different updates from texts, emails etc. Now they just log on to Clixifix and update us that way. It has saved the company a lot of amount of admin time.
  7. How have you found the support from the team at clixifix ® throughout your time as a customer?
    The support from Clixifix is amazing! We always get a quick response and thorough explanation to all of our queries. We would definitely recommend this service.
  8. How has the information available through the reporting suite on contractor performance and defect trends analysis supported your business?
    This is a great tool for end of project reviews, this highlights our best and worst products and defects so we can look at alternative methods for future projects.
  9. What was your experience of the implementation of clixifix ® for you and your team?
    The presentations we had from James, Nadine and Clair were very thorough, they made everyone feel comfortable and kept us all engaged.
  10. Have you, or would you recommend clixifix ® to other housebuilders (if so, who and what were your main reasons for recommending)?
    Yes! The whole system is brilliant and makes the defect process so much easier.
  11. Anything else you would like to add?
    Thank you to everyone at Clixifix for your help! James, Nadine, and Nadine have been brilliant.