Become NHQC compliant with clixifix®

As the first accredited supply partner of the NHQB, we will be working closely with them to bring our experience, within defect software and construction to developers who are registered with the not-for-profit body. We are working closely with the NHQB’s industry engagement team to ensure that clixifix® provides the tools needed for effective defect and complaints management in compliance with the new code.

clixifix® was made for Construction Professionals like you.

clixifix® is currently used by housebuilders, housing associations, principal contractors and sub-contractors across residential, commercial, and projects/developments throughout the UK and abroad.

NHQC compliant digital inspections.

Create, manage and complete NHQC new home handover inspections with ease, using our fully digital inspection list feature

End-to-end defect management system.

Our robust defect management system is designed to efficiency manage expectations between residents, internal team members and third parties

Enhanced resident communication

Using clixifix® to communicate with residents means all relevant information is in one place, and you should never need to provide proof of how a complaint was handled

A centralised area to manage complaints

Keep all complaint details in one place, with easy to follow guidance on what needs to happen and when to remain complaint.

A guided workflow to manage expectations

Our new complaints feature has been developed to fully comply with the NHQC’s guidance on managing expectations, giving you a step-by-step process to follow

Support when you need it
Our award-winning customer care team are on hand to help ensure you get the support you need, when you need it.
Our complaints feature will include pre-configured complaint resolution workflows in compliance with the NHQC, consisting of:
  • A centralised area to log complaints
  • Ability to link complaints to specific defects
  • Configurable letters for each stage of the process
  • Exportable PDF letters
  • Notes & calls linking to the complaint
  • Complaints dashboard and management reporting


“We are proud to be teaming up with clixifix® as this collaboration will provide vital support to our registered developers, specifically to those who have not implemented their own aftersales service yet. NHQB is dedicated to making sure developers of all sizes can join and apply our code, and so this partnership represents a significant milestone in the industry’s journey to better homes and increased consumer service”

Andrew Preece

Industry Engagement Manager. NHQB

To learn more about how clixifix® can help you become compliant download our free guide or get in touch for a personalised demo

Or find out more about the NHQB, visit their website at

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