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November 24, 2022

Caring for your Aftercare


With the introduction of the NHQC, new home aftercare is embracing into a brave new world with the adoption of new service requirements and technology to deliver exceptional service to customers.

In a time where Trustpilot is king for potential customers looking for reputable services, aftercare is driving metrics and business reputation for reactive quality of service and product.

But does your Aftercare Team have the process efficiency they need to deliver effective results on this?

What if your team are managing reactive feedback with siloed information; across spreadsheets and inboxes?

  • Can they truly have the full picture of performance and satisfaction
  • Can they fulfill the level of service that is aligned to your core company values and the NHQC managing aftercare this way?



Managing your defects

Turning the tide on reactive defect management and giving your Aftercare Team room to breathe is no easy task.

Information spread across spreadsheets, emails, WhatsApp groups and pieces of paper can be difficult to consolidate.

How can you spot defect trends with these kinds of processes?

Enabling your Aftercare Team with the ability to understand key issues and how they can be addressed will enable them to provide a better service to your new homeowners.

How do you know if a percentage of a particular kitchen tap is faulty if you keep this information in your aftercare team’s inbox and spreadsheets?

clixifix® provides your Aftercare Team the ability to effectively manage the influx of information they receive daily regarding reactive defects and snagging.

Whether these are defects raised by a resident via their own resident portal, or a sub-contractor logging into their freemium portal and providing issues such as no access to the property.

We give your Aftercare Team the complete lifecycle of all defect management

No siloed data.

One version of the truth.

Supporting your Aftercare Team

Your Aftercare Team are out on the front line potentially dealing with complaints, snagging lists and the unwanted disappointments of a new resident. Investing in an Aftercare Team that can mediate and deliver a high level of service with empathy is difficult. Especially if there is smaller investment in the correct solution to manage this valuable area of your business which is driving reputation.

But investing and adopting the right technology that can help your Aftercare Team be successful and motivated to deliver the highest levels of customer service can be easy.

clixifix® talks to a wide range of stakeholders daily regarding the challenges they face and how their department can deliver a better and more streamlined services to their new homeowners.

We’re here to proactively support your reactive challenges.

We are subject matter experts with experience in the shoes of aftercare and know the challenges you face.

If you are House builder, Housing Association or Principal Contractor joining the conversation as the needle moves for Aftercare Teams. Chat with us to learn how we can support your Aftercare Team and deploy a platform that will better enable your people in delivering customer satisfaction and deliver a defect management inline to the new NHQC.