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August 23, 2022

clixifix® to provide industry support in line with new Code of Practice

As a business that provides defect and repair resolution software to house builders, principal contractors, subcontractors and housing associations, clixifix® is not only a valuable, but a trustworthy source when it comes to offering guidance on the new New Homes Quality Board (NHQB) Code of Practice for housebuilders and developers.

The New Homes Quality Code introduces a broad range of additional requirements for developers to fill the gaps in current protections and ensure that every aspect of a new home purchase, from when a customer walks into a sales office, through to two years after occupation of the home is covered. All aspects of the new home purchase transaction are addressed by the Code, from the initial sales procedures and documentation, subsequent customer inspection arrangements and completion through to complaints management and legal protections.

In order to become a Registered Developer, organisations will be required to have necessary complaints and after-care procedures to meet the requirements of the Code and confirm all of the necessary preparations are complete.

How will clixifix® support?

clixifix® have a track record and proven expertise in the management of the complex process of construction after-care with its many stakeholders. This includes 238,000 properties, 1.3 million defects logged and 81,000 resident users. As a result, clixifix® is in a unique position to offer constructive practical advice to improve the defect management process in an efficient cost-effective way for both seasoned developers and anyone new to the housing industry.

James Farrell, Co-Founder and CEO of clixifix® says: “We offer a service of transparency and collaboration for residents and contractors. The platform will give homeowners a self-serve ethos, the customer journey will be consistent and predictable while allowing them to comprehensively manage defects.

“We have experience in creating a streamlined approach to managing a large number of requests, jobs and instructions. On average it takes 22 days for an issue to be resolved and 77 comments per property highlighting efficiency and communication between the customer and contractor.  Building a new home requires a formulaic approach to each step, clixifix® allows you to collate and organise instructions and makes sure everyone is aligned,” James continues.

 What is the Code of Practice?

Registered Developers agree to follow the New Homes Quality Code (the “Code”) and to be subject to a New Homes Ombudsman Scheme (once established), including complying with the decisions of a New Homes Ombudsman in relation to dealings with a customer.

Failure to meet the required standards, or comply with a New Homes Ombudsman, can result in a range of sanctions, including removal from the register of Registered Developers.

The Code establishes mandatory requirements which must be adopted and complied with by Registered Developers. The Code may be updated from time to time, to reflect emerging industry best practice as well as decisions of a New Homes Ombudsman. Each amended or updated Code will come into force in such manner and at such time as set out by resolution of the New Homes Quality Board.

If you would like to learn more about the Code of Practice please visit nhqb.org.uk.

Who is clixifix®?

clixifix® provides defect and repair resolution software that will deliver lower costs and higher customer satisfaction. Their software is being used by housebuilders, principal contractors, subcontractors and housing associations. Simple to integrate, clixifix® instantly creates tickets, delegates jobs, and collaborates with stakeholders. clixifix® launched an innovative Technicians App to help improve efficiency within their defect management platform.

The clixifix® app will revolutionise the last mile customer engagement, geo-location mapping and messaging technology, real-time tracking of the service technician, accurate ETAs, and two-way communication. In a revolutionary move in the sector, the clixifix® app will deliver the same user experience that consumers enjoy with household brands such as Amazon, Uber, DPD and Just Eat.

What’s next? In just 30 seconds, you can sign up for a clixifix demo and quickly begin experiencing the benefits of a dedicated, purpose-built customer Care platform for Housebuilders and Commercial Contractors.

We have loads of excellent resources to help you determine if clixifix is the right solution for your business.

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