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August 26, 2021


clixifix® are excited to welcome on-board the team at I-MEX (M&E) Ltd!

I-MEX has built a strong reputation in delivering multi-unit residential schemes across London, as well as providing a first class service on commercial developments and research facilities in the East of England.

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The team adopts a partnering ethos from project inception, recognising the benefits of strong client and supply chain relationships to ensure that their projects are delivered in a collaborative and effective manner.

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They work with a positive attitude and welcome continuous development and improvement to ensure they deliver exceptional customer service.

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I-MEX were introduced to clixifix® initially by way of our free contractor portal that they were given access to by many of their clients.

After using this portal to consume & manage reported defects from their clients, they decided to explore the expanded capabilities that come with a full clixifix subscription.

This will enable them to have more control of the management of aftercare queries and communications from all their clients, and allow them to report on important metrics, such as operative performance.

Need a way to manage all aftercare communications with your clients? Get in touch today to arrange a short demonstration.