Customer Care, simplified.

Customer Care, simplified.Housebuilders and Commercial Contractors struggling with your Customer Care approach, here's the solution. clixifix® defect and repair resolution software will deliver lower costs and higher customer satisfaction.

clixifix® is software for better Customer Care. Watch our overview video (Trust us, it's worth it)

Struggling with your defects and repairs?

  • Still using emails or phone to manage defects and repairs?
  • Are you and your team too reliant on spreadsheets?
  • Poor communication flow with your Sub-contractors?
  • Incurring costs for defects and repairs that are not yours?
  • No tools to measure KPI's, no reporting function?

Better Customer Care starts with better communication. clixifix brings all your conversations into one place.


Customers are the only reason that your Construction business exists. Handling customer care complaints is something that many Housebuilders and Contractors struggle with; however it costs much more time, money and effort to gain new customers than it does to retain existing ones.

clixifix was designed to take the headache out of Customer Care by putting all of your reported issues in a single place, enabling you, your team, your clients and your Sub-contractors to manage them together from one secure shared application.

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Housebuilders and commercial contractors know how important it is to track their companies performance in responding to defects and repairs. E-mails and spreadsheets can't tell you how quickly you are solving your customer care problems but our dashboard and bespoke reports can.

No new home-owner or commercial client likes to explain their issues twice; view their data in real time on clixifix, provide an accurate up-date on reported defects and repairs and solve their problems quickly.

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100% web-based, no software to download or install, no training required. You and your team will see the benefits in a matter of days. Forgot to close a ticket before you left the office? No problem, just sign in to clixifix from home!

Choose who receives notifications, they can keep up to date in real time with your clixifix activity via notifications on the go...*Providing you have an internet connection clixifix is available anywhere, be it on desktop, laptop or tablet.

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Don't take our word for it...

It is designed solely for the purpose of looking after your Customer...

Alison Carr - Galliford Try North East

If you are looking for a defect and repair resolution software, I strongly recommend that you take a look a clixifix. I was impressed when they showed it to me. Take control of your after sales issues ... and deliver a better customer experience.

Malcolm Pitcher - MD, In-house Research.

The software is very easy to understand and it’s developed specifically for Customer Care. It has simplified our approach here with little or no training required for our team and contractors.

Natalie Mills - Argent

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