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November 16, 2022

The clixifix® Technicians App overview video

The clixifix® Technicians App allows real-time updates to be sent to residents regarding arrival times for repair / customer care work that has been scheduled for their property.

The technology allows 2-way notifications to be sent, allowing residents to respond to impending visits with additional instructions (e.g. “use side gate today”) or notification of unavailability.

In summary-

  • Send job details to the technician / operatives app (ios / android)
  • Navigates technician / operatives to jobs with in-app guidance
  • Supports 2-way messaging between resident and technician / operative
  • In-app job completion; including photos, notes, sign-on-glass
  • Feedback links are sent by SMS and push notifications.
  • Easy to complete thumb friendly feedback form which is integrated with clixifix reporting analytics.

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“Customer engagement” has become a buzz phrase in construction.

Typically, it’s talked about as something radical and transformative which can make it sound expensive, intimidating, and overwhelming.
While customer engagement can be transformative for housebuilders and landlords, it isn’t out of reach. It’s the simple secret ingredient in your recipe for standing out, streamlining, and satisfying everyone involved.

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