3 West Group

3 West Group is a privately owned house builder specialising in crafting quality new build developments. United by a shared commitment, they endeavour to transform the South West through their projects.


Exeter, England


The team at 3West Group is dedicated to constructing high-specification homes that resonate with the charm and allure of the South West. Being an independent housebuilder allows them a tailored approach, ensuring every home is a hallmark of quality and aesthetic appeal. Their forthcoming Goodmores project in Exmouth, a stunning collection of 2, 3, and 4 bedroom homes, mirrors this commitment to excellence and locality.

Clixifix® is elated to partner with 3West Group, assisting them in elevating the aftercare service, aligning with the exceptional standard of their homes, and ensuring a remarkable customer journey from reservation to residency.

Fostering Exceptional Homeownership Experiences

“It’s doubly rewarding to not only create quality homes but to know you’ve given your customers the best experience possible along the way is really satisfying – this is what drives my continued passion for house building. I look forward to helping create more exceptional property developments around the South West with James.” – Colin Palmer