Amara Property

At Amara Property, the hallmark is the pioneering spirit embedded in bespoke design, epitomised by an unrivalled meld of meticulous detailing, diverse design aesthetics, and cutting-edge technology. The palette of design styles at Amara is virtually boundless. Indeed, the design maestros at Amara take pride in the absence of a rigid House Style, cherishing the liberty it accords to tailor designs to the unique ethos of each bespoke development.


Hertfordshire, England


Amara Property is revered for its pioneering bespoke designs, encapsulating meticulous detailing, varied aesthetics, and modern technology. Their boundless design styles, devoid of a rigid House Style, foster tailored creations for each luxury development, predominantly in desirable North and North West London locales. The adept Amara team oversees the journey from land acquisition to construction, culminating in exquisite homes that are both a joy to inhabit and a pride to own

Clixifix® is elated to collaborate with the adept team at Amara Property, aiding them in delivering stellar customer service synonymous with their luxurious bespoke residences. Our platform will streamline Amara’s aftercare process, ensuring each beautiful home in the prestigious locales of North and North West London is matched with an exceptional level of post-construction care.

The result is a home you’ll love to live in and be proud to own

At Amara Property we are pioneers of bespoke design, characterised by an unrivalled combination of detailing, diverse design and cutting-edge technology. Our design styles are virtually unlimited. In fact, the Amara designers pride themselves in not having a House Style as this enables the design to be tailored to each bespoke development.

Focused on luxury developments we create exclusive residences in some of the most desirable locations in North and North West London. Our extensive range of expertise ensures that we remain at the forefront of luxury design.

The Amara team will handle everything with the utmost professional care, from land acquisition and planning to interior design and construction.