Antler Homes

At Antler Homes, they do things differently. With over fifty years in the business, customers remain at the core of everything they undertake. Each and every customer and their unique journey holds immense value in the eyes of Antler Homes, defining the essence of the Antler difference. Their coveted homes grace the most sought-after locales in the southern regions of England. Antler Homes strives not only to motivate their team to craft exceptional properties but also to inspire those who will forge cherished memories within them for generations to come.




We are delighted to partner with Antler Homes, an iconic name in the UK’s residential property market. With over fifty years of legacy, Antler Homes has become synonymous with exceptional homes in the most coveted regions of southern England.

Antler Homes, with its longstanding reputation, is one of the UK’s foremost housebuilders. Their commitment to quality and innovation has made them a trusted name in the industry. Antler Homes shares our dedication to customer-centricity, making them an ideal partner for clixifix®. They highly value each customer’s journey, setting them apart in the industry.

In partnership with Antler Homes, clixifix® aims to contribute to their ongoing success in the UK residential property sector. Together, we look forward to raising industry standards, delivering excellence, and shaping the future of UK residential property.

Why Antler Homes?

We do things differently at Antler Homes. After fifty years in business, our customers continue to be at the heart of everything we do. Every one of our customers and their journey is highly valued by us and that is what makes the Antler difference.