Henley Homes plc is an efficient, progressive and design-led property development company based in the UK, with a reputation for creating outstanding and award-winning homes in and around the capital.

The Group was incorporated in February 1999 and has since become well recognised for its attention to quality, detail and its customer care charter.


It has particular experience in working with logistically-difficult projects, both listed/existing buildings and new build, and it controls the whole process from concept through to completion with its own construction arm and team of in-house architects and designers.




Since 1999, Henley has proven its intelligence, integrity, resilience and ability to innovate. These principles continue to drive the company forward.
Henley pays incredible attention to detail and design, culminating in aspirational, multi award-winning homes. Control is at the heart of what we do: with our own construction arm and in-house architectural practice – and our rigorous quality assurance process – we seek to control every aspect of design and delivery.



Henley has, and actively seeks to maintain, an excellent level of diversity within the company.  A survey in January 2017 showed that its people range in age between 19 and 57 and hail from 21 countries around the globe.  Over two-thirds of Henley people are fluent in at least one other language, some in three or four; in total 23 languages are spoken here.  30% of the team are women, which is above industry average.


They are extremely proud of what we create, and each building truly reflects the soul of Henley.