Case Study

What was the problem you were experiencing prior to implementing clixifix?
Prior to using Clixifix we were using a system of recording snags on an Excel Worksheet, emailing Sub-Contractors and following up to ensure the snags were done. This resulted in endless searching of emails to prove they were sent, some snags being completed by the Contractor but not reported to ourselves, the home owners becoming more frustrated. Despite trying to set aside time weekly to follow up on snags, this proved difficult & time consuming. 

2. How much more efficient would you say your defect management process is now that you are using clixifix?
I would say around 70 percent more efficient.  We are particularly noticing the difference in how speedily we are able to resolve any snags on our latest plots.
Our main issue centred in trying to get the Sub-contractors to acknowledge and use the system. By having individual meetings with them and showing them how much Clixifix would benefit them as well as our company, I am happy to say, we have at least 90 % of our contractors now on board. 
3. What is the biggest benefit to you and the team at SG Estates Ltd now that you are using clixifix to manage customer care?
Ease of communication, the “audit” trail of comments and dates, the clarity on where we stand with resolving snags and clear reporting. 
4. How much time do you save per week and/or month on compiling reporting for your superiors/peers/clients now that you have the reporting suite on clixifix?
I would estimate the time spent on allocating snags and following up with Sub-Contractors has halved and continues to improve.
5. How has the collaboration with your home-owners & sub-Contractors improved?
Although we do not give home owners access to the system as yet, we may roll that out once we and our Sub-contractors are more familiar with the system. 
Our home owners do reap the benefits indirectly as we continue to reduce the time it takes to sign off their snagging lists and the feedback from them has been extremely positive.
Our Sub-Contractors are responding faster and becoming a lot more efficient as, by being  able to list each Contractors individual snags,  they are very encouraged to reduce that list as quickly as possible. It has also resulted in a more professional way that we request snags be addressed, as individual, personal emails to each sub-contractor were often missed or ignored.
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6. How much time did you previously spend per day or week chasing Sub Contractors over the phone and how has this changed since using clixifix? I would estimate we spent about 15 hrs per week, spread out over a week, chasing SubContractors.  I believe that is now down to about 7.5 hours per week. However, we also have more houses going over than we had previously, due to growth. 
7. How have you found the support from the team at clixifix throughout your time as a customer? 
The support from Nadine and her team is absolutely superb.  Like most systems, I find you only really learn how to use it properly once you encounter an issue that requires a resolution. Clixifix go out of their way to find a speedy and practical way to tailor their reports to our company’s requirements and provide us with the information we find most valuable.

8. How has the information available through the reporting suite on contractor performance and defect trends analysis supported your business? 

This has been of huge assistance to our company. My Director was particularly impressed with the reporting system, as it analysed which snags are repetitive and require more attention.  As a result, we have started addressing some matters before they become snags, by itemising them to the Sub-Contractors and Site Managers with instructions to pay more attention to these issues. We are definitely seeing the benefits as more and more houses go over, with less and less snags.


9. What was your experience of the implementation of clixifix for you and your team? 

User friendly and encouraging. I did feel at one stage that some more one on one training may have been beneficial, however the online chat helpline staffed by Clair, with Nadine being just a call away, has made the implementation of Clixifix for our company, painless and streamlined.
10. Have you, or would you recommend clixifix to other housebuilders? 
We would highly recommend Clixifix to other housebuilders.  If, like us, you spent your days filling in Excel sheets, searching and finding emails to prove that snags were reported to the relevant contractors, you will love Clixifix.  One report, date prompts to follow up and often we find that just one or two comments on an Inspection list to an individual contractor, brings a very positive result. All snags are kept together so much less duplication. And the Site Managers can log in at any time to see what is outstanding.
11. Anything else you would like to add?
We see ourselves and Clixifix as a team.  This shines through in their belief in their product and is now starting to carry through to SG Estates Ltd to enhance our reputation as an award winning Developer, offering bespoke, beautifully designed, quality homes.
Julie Hall – Customer Service Advisor