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  • What security measures are in place for clixifix and clients data?

    With clixifix® your data is securely stored, with 128bit encryption. Only you can access your data.

    clixifix® enables you to lets you invite your co-workers, new home owners and external clients into a completely secure workspaces so that they can be part of the Customer Care conversation without compromising any internal security.

  • Where is clixifix hosted?

    Our product is hosted on Heroku.

    Heroku is a cloud application platform used by organisations of all sizes to deploy and operate applications throughout the world.

    The platform allows organisations to focus on application development and business strategy while Heroku focuses on infrastructure management, scaling, and security.

    Heroku applies security best practices and manages platform security so customers like clixifix® can focus on their business. The platform inherently protects customers from threats by applying security controls at every layer from physical to application, isolating customer applications and data, and with its ability to rapidly deploy security updates without customer interaction 
  • How does clixifix's payment facility work?

    clixifix® uses GoCardless to capture payments for our plans. GoCardless is the easiest way to accept Direct Debit payments online.

    GoCardless is the UK’s leading Direct Debit provider and is used by over 2,000 organisations including Greater Anglia. GoCardless is sponsored by RBS and is authorised by the FCA.

    clixifix also offers payment via Stripe.

    Stripe is an Irish technology company operating in over 25 countries, that allows businesses to accept payments over the internet.
    It is a payment method using a Credit or Debit card.  

    Once the card details are entered and authorised, clixifix can automatically take payments from you.

    How does Stripe work with clixifix clients?

    Once a Credit or Debit card details have been input onto your account, clixifix can take payments from you automatically for the price agreed on your chosen plan.

    Paying your clixifix subscription via Stripe will save you the hassle of paying each month. You’ll be notified of any upcoming payments, and you can cancel them whenever you want.

    Which cards can I pay with using Stripe?

    With Stripe, you can charge almost any kind of credit or debit card. These include Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

    For more information on Stripe click here :- https://stripe.com/gb

  • The average monthly price per unit doesn't add up... Why is that?
    clixifix®'s progressive pricing model scales as your company grows. The more plots you add to your clixifix® account, the less each plot will cost you.  The interactive sliding scale illustrates the average cost per additional plot per month for your account.
  • How does the Free Trial work?

    No credit card or bank details required, 1 month completely free to test out clixifix® across any Market Sector: Housebuilding or Commercial Contractors.

    You can choose to upgrade to a full plan any time during your month trial.  However, if you arrive at the end of your trial before choosing a subscription, your account will be put on hold (your projects, files, and data will all stay safe and sound, don't worry) until you choose a subscription (or cancel)…

    No yearly contracts, leave whenever you want. There’s no contract on clixifix®— you just pay as you go, and you can cancel any time without any penalty.

  • Can we export our Data?

    Yes, as part of your licence agreement to use clixifix® it is important to remember that you own the data on your account.  clixifix® enables you to export your data from your account at anytime.

    To request your data please navigate to Admin > Export Data. This will send a request to our Support Team.

    clixifix will send you an export of your data by email with downloadable links to CSV documents for tickets, inspections lists, nominations etc...
    Please allow 45 days for the export document to be sent to you.
  • What kind of support do you offer?

    clixifix® is dedicated to providing market leading support for our users.  Should you need assistance, the clixifix® Customer Success team are available via live chat or phone during office hours.  We also encourage our users to visit our support portal (www.clixifix.freshdesk.com) if you require assistance outside of business hours.  

    Here you’ll find our knowledge base as well as many helpful articles, videos and user support forums.  You can also raise a support ticket here and rest assured that your query will be actioned as soon as possible.

  • How long is the contract duration?
    clixifix® has no termed contracts!  You can cancel your subscription at any time you like within the admin settings from your launchpad.  If you wish to sign up again in future, you can also re-activate your account in the admin area.  We will retain your data for up to 12 months as well, making re-activation as easy as possible.