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November 1, 2023

Quality Control and Defect Management

Quality control and defect management are a critical function in housebuilding, they play a crucial role in safeguarding the reputation of the housebuilders and customer satisfaction. Having a comprehensive quality control system in place will allow housebuilders to proactively identify and rectify issues.

Even with quality control measures in place, errors can still occur, this is when effective defect management comes into play and handles such issues promptly and efficiently. A key part of managing defects within the construction process is creating an environment where staff and subcontractors are encouraged to report defects without the fear of punishment. If there was an element of fear in the defect process then people may feel reluctant to report issues which could result in more problems.

Adapting to the digital revolution, an online platform offers a user-friendly, efficient platform for defect reporting and management. Having a digital solution will not only streamline your processes but encourage transparency across all parties involved.

A key strategy in an effective defect management process is empowering homeowners to be able to verify and sign-off on completed repairs, this helps housebuilders ensure that the customer is satisfied. 

Creating detailed reports will allow for defect prioritisation, a report should include a thorough description of the problem, any contributing factors, the impact on the homeowner, and any potential risks if left unattended. The vital information will allow each defect to be prioritised, not all defects are equal; some may be minor aesthetic issues, while others could be critical structural problems. This prioritisation is crucial to ensure that high priority defects are acted upon immediately while less critical issues are scheduled in for a later date.

A formal sign-off process ensures that the homeowner is satisfied and that the issues have been effectively resolved. The process involves a detailed inspection of the completed work by a quality control inspector from the housebuilder or by the homeowners themselves. 

It is clear that there are processes in place to ensure that quality is controlled and defects are managed effectively. The implementation of an online portal and the processes to provide detailed reports and a formal sign-off enables comprehensive quality control.