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April 11, 2024

The impact of effective chain management software on businesses within the housing sector

Chain management is the management of the flow of goods, data, and finances related to a product or service, from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of the product to its final destination.

Effective chain management software plays a major role in implementing and ensuring the smooth running of management between different areas of the business. Within the housing industry there are multiple parties that need to work in synergy to achieve their goals. These parties include housebuilders, housing associations, principal contractors and subcontractors.

What makes an effective chain management software?

  1. Ability to integrate throughout the supply chain
  2. Real-time application and collaboration capabilities
  3. Process optimisation abilities
  4. Analytics and forecasting
  5. Customisation
  6. Cloud-based access and mobility
  7. Security
  8. Scalability

How does effective chain management software help businesses?

Having an effective chain management software system in place is a key cornerstone for  successful businesses. 

Effective supply chain management helps businesses cut costs and improve manufacturing efficiency enabling them to cope with growing demand. It is key to a smooth production process, providing business leaders and supply chain managers reassurance that supply partners can be relied upon to deliver when they need to.

How can an efficient supply chain benefit the housing industry?

The housing industry is plagued with inefficiencies when it comes to supply chain management, which has driven many successful businesses to insolvency. Companies should embrace the latest technology that can allow them to streamline their supply chains like digitising the labour intensive paper-based invoicing and signing off processes.

The benefits of effective supply chain management include:

  • Greater efficiency results in increased profitability.
  • Repeat business/partnering with key clients.
  • Effective project planning and coordination.
  • Less material defects which could limit progress.
  • Client satisfaction based on a smoother delivery.

Technologies role in improving chain management

As technology becomes more of a necessity than an option, it plays an important role in improving chain management.

Here are ways technology is improving chain management.

  • Create a proactive supply chain by enhancing end-to-end visibility
  • Identify and build relationships with a diverse portfolio of suppliers and vendors
  • Manage a complex supplier network to be responsive in real time
  • Quickly note warning signals and solve issues
  • Predict any problems and find solutions  
  • Reduce waste, overhead costs and  carbon footprint

It is clear that the adoption of technology helps improve the functionality of chain management. The rapid development of more sophisticated technology will in turn open up further possibilities.

Adopting clixifix’s® software in housing sector supply chains

Chain management within the housing sector has many different areas and clixifix’s® software sits within aftercare and defect management. The software provides housebuilders, housing associations, principal contractors and subcontractors the ability to manage and plan tasks and activities relating to aftercare services.

The software includes digital workflows, contractor portals, online reporting, residents portal and the technicians app.

In terms of the supply chain, the clixifix® software would sit at the end of the chain, once the house is built, helping businesses within the housing sector deal with the aftercare and defect management processes. 

A word from our CEO and co-founder, James Farrell

“Chain management software has a huge impact on businesses within the housing sector. It is clear that having an effective structure in place will improve efficiency, coordination and reduce waste/cost. As a technology company we understand the value of software and how it benefits businesses across the housing sector.”


Technology plays a crucial role in creating effective chain management for businesses within the housing sector. The housing sector relies on software that can distribute large amounts of data to different parties across the globe to support the flow of information between multiple parties.

Software plays a major part in multiple areas of chain management including inventory, demand planning, supplier relationship management and transportation. clixifix® software plays a crucial link between the aftercare teams and residents to enable smooth effective operations.