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March 14, 2024

The importance of effective construction software for Housing Associations and housebuilders

Housing Associations and housebuilders play a pivotal role in society, according to PBC today, in England alone, Housing Associations are responsible for more than 4.4 million properties. This means Housing Associations manage huge workloads and have to deal with a vast array of challenges.

Ensuring that Housing Associations and housebuilders can meet these demands requires software that is simple to use but advanced enough to cope with large scale projects.

Benefits of implementing effective construction program software:

  • Better control over documents & data
  • Improved calculations & estimates
  • Management processes become easier
  • Better Team Collaboration & Transparency
  • Greater Efficiency

These benefits will ultimately improve the functionality of Housing Associations and housebuilders. 

Work quicker and more efficiently

Rising demand and declining budgets have made it harder and harder for Housing Associations to meet their targets. Construction software plays an important role in meeting those targets through speed and efficiency.

Software will improve communication, real time communication is vital to enhancing a housing project or solving a defect resolution. Software would enable everyone to access a centralised point for real-time updates whenever they need to, and wherever they are. Enhanced communication will mean defects will be resolved quicker and more efficiently.


According to Quickbase one of the fundamental reasons over 57% of construction companies use construction management software is its ability to effectively coordinate management over different projects and teams that span multiple locations.

One of the most significant benefits of construction management software, albeit frequently overlooked, is the ability to rapidly and effectively organise processes across the construction company.

Coordination and communication come hand in hand, effective communication means Housing Associations are able to coordinate with different businesses/people across the country without the worry of instructions or information being misplaced or lost. 

Enhanced quality control

Construction management software helps ensure quality control standards are met throughout the duration of a project. 

Software will prompt with notifications and provide a comprehensive platform to make jobs completed to the highest of standards.

Real-time tracking capabilities will allow visibility into every stage of a defect resolution, which helps make informed decisions quickly and confidently.

A word from our CEO and co-founder, James Farrell

“It is clear that effective construction software plays an important role in the functionality of an effective Housing Association and housebuilder. Improving the process of communicating, reporting, quality control and coordination all tie in to delivering a strong service for the resident. Integrating an effective piece of software may be daunting at first but using an experienced outfit like clixifix® will allow for a smooth transition and constant communication about how to maximise the potential of the software.”


To conclude, having an effective construction software in place will provide a centralised hub for information. Housing Associations and housebuilders will feel more confident dealing with large scale projects. Investing in software now will lead to a technologically savvy workforce in the future, new staff will be integrated into a modern way of working and will leave the pen and paper behind. 

Software integration will improve communication, coordination and overall deliverables for clients.