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Managing aftercare Defects should be simple.

After many years of working in the housebuilding and construction industries, we found that nothing was more frustrating than the Customer Care systems that were commonplace in the sector.  Inefficient methodologies utilising out-dated technologies was leading to miscommunication, wasted time and low levels of customer satisfaction.

Drawing from this experience, we were able to develop a new application that included features to specifically address the major issues we faced.  

In the menus below, explore the key features we’ve developed for each different User Portal (You can have unlimited users!).

Nominate Contractors and Operatives

Nominate the original sub-contractor on clixifix® to do the work or instruct an alternative contractor. Create a unique and clear instruction for every job.  Receive a notification and feedback from the moment someone accepts the job. 

Responding to an email notification from clixifix® from your inbox automatically posts the response to the respective nomination. Collaborate with your chosen contractor or operative until the issue is resolved. 

In just three steps, select the relevant contractor or operative, assign a task and see if it’s been accepted in real-time along with any associated, task-specific comments that have been added either by you or your nominated Operative.

Tickets & Inspection Lists with everything attached

Organise and synchronise your workload. All comments about a defect or repair from your team, your clients and your contractors are neatly attached to that ticket or inspection list in clixifix®. 

Say goodbye to multiple email threads because everything in clixifix® is date stamped and signed. Whenever something is added, deleted or updated, it is entirely traceable.

clixifix® allows you to upload photos and videos to tickets and inspection lists allowing for more efficient defect categorisation and reduced confusion for all involved.

Measure the performance of your customer care

Create detailed custom reports with data and insights for your business. 

Discover recurring defects across multiple plots, or if a particular sub-contractor generates more defects than normal. Chart your progress against KPIs to ensure continuous improvement in service delivery. 

Drill down to create a report for any scheme, plot, contractor or client before exporting as a PDF or Excel doc.

The detail provided in the clixifix® reports will enable you to easily identify areas for improvement and act on them accordingly.

Snag Lists and image annotation

Create detailed Inspection Lists on-site to capture snagging and pre-handover items on new homes and commercial projects.

You can markup your photos to further describe snags, defects and other site issues.   

Subcontractors and Project / Site managers are notified when new inspection list items are nominated or existing inspections are still outstanding. Keeping your whole team up to date with the progress on each Inspection List. 

Improve decision-making, save time and eliminate confusion. Easily collaborate with clients, subcontractors and your delivery team in real time.

Store all Inspection list data on clixifix® with a fully backed, resilient, hosted server environment.

Occupant Information Included

Add an occupant’s details to a ticket. 

Whether they’re the tenant, new homeowner or a client, this data is captured at the creation of any ticket and inspection list. This information can then be made available to contractors so they know exactly who they’re dealing with, where they’re going what they’re doing.

This enables deeper and clearer communication between all stakeholders and allows for full transparency when communicating build timescales, repair framework and inspections.  

Allowing occupants access to the communication portal significantly reduces the likelihood of complaints being registered and encourages relationship building throughout the building process.

no nasty surprises with costs

Agree the costs of a defect or repair openly and up-front to avoid any unexpected charges for a repair after the job’s been completed. 

All chargeable repair details can be added to a ticket or inspection list so that the parties involved can openly discuss and agree costs.  Increased transparency with regards to the costs of repairs will lead to better relationships with your contractors and the increases in efficiency saves time and effort usually spent negotiating over email.

Trust us, this feature will save you money.

all-in-One Dashboard

See the statuses of your schemes and projects in one handy location.  From what's been done and what's new, to what's overdue and needs urgent attention. 

It’s an easy to digest snapshot of tasks that are either overdue or within the agreed the timescales so you can prioritise tasks easily and organise your workday in an efficient manner.

Our traffic light display allows for effortless planning of tasks and activities on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis; giving your operatives a clear indication of what is expected of them and what needs to be achieved in order to meet your customer satisfaction objectives.

Enhance your reputation with clients

For many Housebuilders and Principal Contractors working in Partnership with a Registered Provider on affordable new homes and projects can be a daunting prospect. This relationship between two very different organisations will have a much greater chance of flourishing if both parties embrace the real ethos of partnering on defects and repairs.

Our collaborative web application encourages transparency between the Principal Contractor and the Registered Provider (Housing Association) when it comes to managing the defects and repairs and allows all parties to see the status of reported issues.

We feel that we’ve developed a tool that makes the everyday tasks of aftercare simple and streamlined, freeing up more time for your team to go the extra mile and provide a truly outstanding customer experience for your clients.

Manage and Schedule your tasks

Your working week has never been easier to organise. 

Through the clixifix® portal, sub-contractors are able to accept repair nominations and schedule them accordingly to ensure that nominations and tasks are completed within the agreed timescales.

Further to this, clixifix® will prioritise your tasks for you based on the urgency of each repair.  Presented in an easy to digest, dashboard format, the clixifix® task scheduler makes organising your work week child's play.

As clixifix® is 100% web-based, you're able to check your tasks anywhere when you're out on any device as long as you have a working internet connection.  

Upload Documents

Need an image or video to confirm successful completion of a task?

clixifix® enables contractors to upload photos and videos of completed work to ensure clients know the repair has been resolved to the highest standard. This is also useful when reporting unexpected issues that occur on site and for clearer communication between you and your clients.

Upload your invoices and confirm receipt from your clients to ensure you’re paid on time.  

clixifix® also allows for the upload of Risk Assessments, MSDS documents as well as any licences or cards required for the job.

Digital Signoff

Our digital signature capture technology streamlines approvals and eliminates the need to chase residents and clients when confirming works are completed to an acceptable standard.

This feature saves significant time and money allowing your operatives to ensure that all work carried out has been delivered to an acceptable standard and that all relevant stakeholders have 'signed off' on the work.

Instant authorisation frees up resources so that the next task can be assigned, completed and authorised in the most efficient way possible.

benefits for Sub-Contractor using clixifix®

No Software to download and install, its free of charge to all invited sub-contractors.

clixifix® can be accessed on any computer with Internet access.

clixifix® is available on all mobile devices (developed on a responsive framework which resizes accordingly).

Sub-contractors can accept / complete nominations / Instructions on jobs for Tickets and Inspection lists in real time with KPI’s clearly outlined

Sub-contractors can capture photographs directly to a Ticket or Inspection list whilst on site.

Sub-contractors can create an appointment on the shared clixifix calendar on nominated Tickets and Inspection Lists.

Sub-contractors can create Tasks for members of their team.

Sub-contractors can sign risk assessments off, on site, directly to clixifix®. (when applicable).

Sub-contractors can digitally sign off completed nominations on site using any smart device. 

Your users also have the ability to capture the residents signature using this feature. 

The signatures are immediately saved to the respective nomination on clixifix.

Transparent Communication

Using the clixifix® homeowner portal, residents can clearly see that the principal contractor has acknowledged their reported issues and that a contractor has been nominated to respond. 

Our intuitive ticketing system allows residents to clearly see when a repair will be carried out and by who; eliminating those “he said / she said” issues that frequently occur.

Ensuring that your team is managing and meeting your customer's expectations effectively has a significant impact on customer satisfaction and retention and increases the likelihood that your customers will recommend your business to friends or family.

Digital Handover Packs / Property Documentation

In the clixifix® property portal, users can access all relevant property documents. It’s an easy reference to everything from appliance operation manuals through to snagging best practice. 

The portal also allows principal contractors to provide ‘How to…’ videos for new homeowners with maintenance tasks, reducing the number of reported defects and time spent on repairs.  

Issuing handover packs in a digital format also allows your occupants to easily refer back to them should an issue with an appliance or defect present itself.

100% Web-based

Access your communication portal on any device with an internet connection and a web browser. No matter where you are, you can contact your builder or sub-contractor for the more efficient scheduling of tasks. 

Never again will you take the day off work only for a contractor to fail to show up. It also means homeowners can communicate with your customer care team at a time that’s convenient for them.

The SaaS (Software as a Service) model that clixifix® has adopted also allows for easy use by all stakeholders as there's nothing to install and no unique hardware required to run the platform.  Any smartphone or tablet with an internet connection is compatible with clixifix® so you'll never miss an appointment again.

Handover Collateral 

Creating an outstanding customer experience involves exceeding customer expectations.  

New home buyers and clients are rarely familiar with new home maintenance.  This represents probably the biggest investment of their life so it makes sense to teach homeowners how to look after their investment. 

By creating a resource that covers some of the basics of home maintenance, you’re allowing your homeowners to learn at their own pace.  

This should also reduce the number of defects reported that aren’t actual defects, but maintenance issues.  We suggest developing a series of short ‘how to’ videos that can be hosted on an online portal for new homeowners to access.

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